I am a digital photographer who focuses on capturing the beauty and essence of botanicals. I particularly enjoy the detail revealed by macro lenses. Each flower has its own character, some soft and comforting, others bold and assertive.
I grew up in a florist family and was surrounded with floral elegance and aromas. That background led me to pursue a career in teaching high school biology, with strong emphasis on the roles of botanicals in our lives. Upon retirement, I took photography classes at a local community college and developed a renewed interest in expanding my expertise.
I am inspired by the softness of light in the morning as it rests on the flowers in my garden. The afternoon sun involves back lighting and a different hue to the floral image. I take photographs in personal and public gardens as well as within my studio. I have been nurtured and encouraged by comments on social media and at my photography shows.
Ridenour-Amarylis Bouquet-5986Ridenour-Amarylis White 5974Ridenour-Bleeding heart.filterRidenour-Bleeding Hearts_4594Ridenour-Bleeding Hearts_5922Ridenour-Cactus on black_3810.jpgRidenour-Dahlia Bridezilla on Black_6970Ridenour-Dahlia Bridezilla_4070Ridenour-Dahlia Bridezilla_4179Ridenour-Dahlia Bronze _6981Ridenour-Dahlia Diva_6783Ridenour-Dahlia Lavendar_6937Ridenour-Dahlia Macro Lagoon 4147Ridenour-Dahlia Maroon _6923Ridenour-Dahlia on black_6574Ridenour-Dahlia Orange 7043Ridenour-Dahlia Orange-7036Ridenour-Dahlia Pink 6936Ridenour-Dahlia Sangria 4118Ridenour-Dahlia scarlet 4113