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New Your City is a tremendous resource for photographic images. These photos were taken in Manhattan while visiting the city over the past several years.
The bridge photos were taken on an Architectural Tour around Manhattan. Several of these images have been artistically adjusted in Photoshop.
©Ridenour_Empire State on blackExtracted building on blackTimes Square.3253©Ridenour_Fashion District_9427Times Square_3313.posterTimes Square_3266New York City.5466.©Ridenour_Chrysler building montageTimes Square_3264.poster.cropTimes Square_3267©Ridenour_Walrus©Ridenour_Manhattan Angel-1©Ridenour_Manhattan Angel-2_6168©Ridenour_NYC_3632.3667©Ridenour_NYC_3627.3622Times Square_3270.small crop.posterTime Square montage.transparency_3307.posterTimes Square montage.3272.1Horse and Buggy_3226.posterTimes Square.-3 poster.