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I am a digital photographer who focuses on capturing the beauty and essence of Florida birds. I particularly enjoy the detail revealed by strong lenses that allow close observation of them. Each bird has its own character and displays it in daily life processes.
I grew up in a rural environment that nurtured an interest in nature and wildlife. That background led me to pursue a career in teaching high school biology, with strong emphasis on the importance of stewardship of our wildlife. Upon retirement, I took photography classes at a local community college and developed a renewed interest in expanding my photographic expertise.
I am inspired by the softness of light in the morning as it rests on the birds along the shore, in rookeries, or recuperating in rehabilitation facilities. The afternoon sun can provide a dramatic background that frames the birds. I take photographs while on winter vacation and am energized the many observable behaviors of the birds. They are frequently seeking food, finding mates, securing their partnerships, making nests, and raising their young. All these behaviors provide wonderful photographic opportunities.
©Ridenour_Egret_1420©Ridenour_Egrets.Siesta_8533©Ridenour_Egret Display.Venice_9061©Ridenour_Egret Mating.Venice Rookery_8974©Ridenour_Egret Mating.Venice Rookery_8980©Ridenour_1216_Great Egret©Ridenour_Crane in Pond.poster_3132©Ridenour.Egret in tree.Venice Rookery_1239©Ridenour_Egret eating shrimp_0348©Ridenour_Egret eating_0356©Ridenour_Egret walking_0411©Ridenour_Egret_0799©Ridenour_1016_Egret©Ridenour_Giant Egret.poster_2752©Ridenour_Snowy Egret_2679©Ridenour_Egret crop_3882©Ridenour_Egret in Tree_4435©Ridenour_egret posturing_3881©Ridenour_Egret_0563.poster©Ridenour_Egret_3077.poster